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February 11th 2024
E.A. Rawlinson Centre
SHOW TIME: 6:30pm

Produced by: Mike Mogg

The Prince Albert Winter Festival features youth performers in almost every indoor show and event! The Youth Extravaganza is the one show that not only features a cast entirely made up of youth performers, but is also backed up by youth performers!

Tickets will be on sale soon!

Meet the Cast

Heartwarming Trey Joseph-Bear, Mason Boettcher, Thomas Pedersen

Prince Albert Barveenok Ukrainian Dancers


Birch Hills Dance Centre


PACI Alumni Dance Team

Leslie Werner’s Vocalist Students:
Raine Crozier

Levi Werner
Layla Mogg

Tori Korczak

Jam Street Bands:

Fiberglass Arawyn McNab, Mia Bisson, Annie (Ash) Uhlik, Emma Bocian

Eternal Elysian Justin Anderson, Agustine Canala-Echevarria, Kwill Meadows

Organized Confusion Jude Letkeman, Payton Despins, Arius Grigori, Nakoa Ilene

The Spark  Raine Crozier, Will Boden, Leo Montgomery

Show Presenting Sponsors

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