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Snow Sculptures

Go take a look on February 1

Snow Sculptures are an annual tradition for the Winter Festival! Each year, in January, snow forms are constructed and then filled with snow! After a week or two to settle and solidify, the forms are removed and the snow carvers begin to carve the sculptures! This year, snow sculptures can be seen at the following locations in Prince Albert:

1. Tipi Fuel

     15th St East & 10th Ave

2. Taco Time

     1699 2nd Ave West

3. Northern Lights Casino

     44 Marquis Road West

4. Northern Elite Firearms

     142 44th St West

5. 22nd St & 2nd Avenue West

6. River Street & 6th Avenue East

7. Prince Albert Tourism

     3700 2nd Ave West

8. Prince Albert Exhibition Grounds

     Exhibition Drive

9. Alfred Jenkins Field House

     2787 10th Ave West

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