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February 25th 2024
E.A. Rawlinson Centre

The Gospel Show, often held on the last Sunday of the Prince Albert Winter Festival features contemporary and traditional gospel music. This year's show will feature Yvonne St. Germaine, Moriel Tambua. Rey Idmilao, Aiden Edwards, David Hutchinson, Sarah - Mary Shenouda, Joel and Becky Mihilewicz and Meghan Mayer.  Backing band members include:

Jordan Fahr - Piano

Kerri English - violin

David Beredico - drums 

Dan Beredico - guitar

David Hutchinson - guitar

Jeremy Smith - Bass

Kristin Ehlert - backup vocals 

Charity Fahr - backup vocals 

Tickets can be purchased for $20+gst at the EA Rawlinson Box Office or by clicking the button below.

Meet the Cast

Yvonne St. Germaine

Moriel Tambua

Rey Idmilao

Aiden Edwards

David Hutchinson

Sarah - Mary Shenouda

Joel and Becky Mihilewicz

Meghan Mayer

Last Year's Cast

Show Presenting Sponsors

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